About the instructor

About the instructor

Oldrich Lapka /Brno/ Czech Republic, author of the travelogue site www.wudang-foto-kungfu.cz, began training Kungfu in Wudang, Hubei province in China in March 2009.

The initial plan was a one-year intensive training of body and spirit to find out the effect of such experience on everyday life.

After a short time,  got an opportunity to participate in the five-year program for foreign students, whose aim was teaching Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation and deeper understanding of the Taoist way of life and culture, so that after five years can return home, and his experience and knowledge share and conduct trainings for the general public and disseminate traditional art in the world.

After graduation Kungfu, relaxation exercises and martial disciplines in Wudang, he extended his stay in China for a very important part of training of internal cultivation, which has moved to place of the Taoist Temple of the Five Immortals at the White Horse Mountain. A few months studying the Taoist way of life, culture and secrets of longevity and finding the Truth, filled a great need to rediscover their own ways and return to oneself.

Comes time to share lessons learned with all who have a similar interest – ie. Learning and shifting their limits, health of body, peace of mind and harmony leading to a happier, more relaxed everyday life in the modern hectic time.

Classes are taught in Czech and English.

International camps and seminars of Wudang kung fu in English, Europe: CzechWudang.eu

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